• Our values.

Our values

Our goal can be synthesized in a few words: producing wines typical of our region combining high quality and prices within the reach large scale consumers.

Typical wines of our region

We believe in the high potential of local grape varieties of Langa and Monferrato regions as Moscato, Barbera, and Dolcetto.

We wish that those wines become an expression of the land where they grow, its microclimate, the tradition and culture of our wonderful areas nominated as world heritage sites.

Quality and protection of the environment

We believe that wine quality begins first of all in the vineyard and therefore we take great care choosing the best exposure of the land, working it and following the critical moment of grape ripening.

We practice green harvests in order to reduce the grape quantity and to obtain optimum ripening. We harvest the grapes when they reach the right ripening stage with the best balance between the different components (sugar degree, acidity, soundness etc.).

We take care of the environment in compliance with the eco system preservation measures of Piemonte region. We believe that our work in the vineyards is the most important way to protect the wonderful region we live in.

The winemaking process takes place with up to date technologies while respecting the traditions in order to bring out of our wines the grapes peculiarities.


The consumer is the focus of our activity. In fact we want to offer an excellent quality wine for a reasonable price, a product to reach a large quantity of consumers for everyday consumption and not just for an élite group.